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Mission Statement

The Spiral of Life: In-Home Wakes and Funerals is an education and support based service.

Our mission it is to:

  1. Educate the public of their right to conduct a home wake and funeral and to present the legalities and logistics of doing so, thereby ensuring dignified, meaningful, heart felt passages that are executed with grace and confidence by: 

*Offering comprehensive, interactive public workshops and group presentations for individuals, families and communities who are planning for a full or partial Home Funeral

*Offering an introductory presentation and question forum to community organizations, churches, hospitals, hospice associations, nursing homes, intentional communities and any other interested community group of 10 or more.

  1. Assist families and/or communities that choose the home wake and funeral option with support services so they may skillfully care for their loved one in their own home.
  1. Assist individuals and families with the completion of a clearly written "Last Wishes" document that makes possible a graceful and personalized funeral arrangement. This document becomes a precious gift for those left behind by; easing decision making,  relaxing family communications, and inviting our loved ones to participate in our passing, as a final act of love.
  1. Help stimulate a cottage industry that offers artisan death care products and services including coffins, urns, shrouds, flowers, memorial art, day of the dead events, and other creative expressions that honor the naturalness of our inevitable death and the beauty of creative, supportive community

  2. Support and participate in the Natural Burial Movement

  3. Advocate to improve the quality, both environmentally and asthetically, of current crematory services.

  4. Advocate for and protect the rights of Oregonians to care for their own dead in their own way through legislative watch and citizen lobbying.