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Support Services

I am available to offer gratuitous support to the individual acting as the family funeral director if they have, at a prior date, taken my legalities and logistics educational workshops.

I can spend as little as 1 hour or up to 3 hours in a given day with the family in the home as requested and seems appropriate. During these time I can offer any of the following support services:

*educational advocate in relationship with hospitals, the medical examiner, crematories, cemeteries and vital statistics departments

*assistance with transportation from place of death to home, to the funeral ceremony (if outside the home) and to the place of final disposition

*the chronology and procedure of filling out and filing the death certificate and assistance in getting it completed

*Facilitation with practical body care and preparation for Lying in Honor

*information and options on a large range of biodegradable coffins, shrouds and urns including how to make and/or decorate your own, if desired

*Facilitation in eliciting meaningful community participation and expression

*considerations of the unique needs of children

*Information on local cemeteries who offer vault free burials and will work with families directly. Information on conservational burial preserves

*List of local crematories willing to work with families directly.